Porelle Membranes

Performance waterproof/breathable membranes

Porelle Membranes includes a range of films between 12–55 µm in thickness. Each membrane is designed for use in active apparel, and each has been tailored to offer enhanced performance benefits for specific requirements in any garment. Each membrane offers a number of performance benefits, but are also tailored to meet enhanced requirements for specific apparel applications:

  • lightweight and highly breathable for use in garments
  • low noise and extremely waterproof for use in gloves
  • durable and extremely waterproof for use in footwear
  • low noise and very soft for use in hats
  • durable and highly breathable for use in socks
Porelle membranes differ from other TPU films available in the market. They are not extruded or blown films, but produced using novel coating processes designed and developed in-house. They remain consistently waterproof in use due to the unique uniform structure. The membranes have also been proven to be extremely easy to handle in adhesive or flame bonding lamination processes ensuring high productivity yields.

Porelle Membranes are a technology in their own class….

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Porelle Air Sport

Porelle Extreme

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