What We Do

We develop and build creative performance products from innovative textiles for successful brands. We don’t just source it for you, we work with our many mill and technology partners to help develop just the right fabric and features that will give your apparel products marketplace. We then help guide you to the best place to produce those products or we can direct the production for you.

What We Do For You

Our focus is on innovation, technology and design—the driving forces behind success in the outdoor business today. All told, we have decades of textile understanding and know-how and share with you our expertise in building successful products. We know what works and what doesn’t. Beyond merely sourcing fabrics, we help innovate and engineer their development from fiber to final yardage to production with a particular eye on end use, value and consumer appeal.

A Vertical Advantage

“One stop shopping” makes life easier for you. Not only is it easier to do business with one source, the economics of time, communication, shipping and other advantages a vertical supply chain offers are critical to your bottom line. We don’t just sell you a “package” — we help develop the entire product concept all the way to delivery at your warehouse.

Market Expertise

We know what’s going on. Our customers count on us for our evaluation of trends, new technologies, emerging trade agreements industry news and more. In plain talk we know what’s going on in the outdoor and active apparel markets. We happily share these insights with you and help you use them to your and your brand’s advantage.

Outstanding Project Management

The buck stops with us. While we show you the road to successful global sourcing, we also smooth the bumps in that road. We see your products through from raw materials to delivery while maintaining vital specifications and standards. We have built an experienced network of research, mill, factory and office staff that work together tirelessly to watch over each and every step of your project.

Commitment to Service

We care as much about your sell-through as you do. We’ve served the outdoor and active sports industries for nearly 30 years. The “III” in our name originally stood for three concepts: styling, sales and service — and still does. We take pride in working with you to navigate each season, and do anything in our power to help you to be successful. We are in constant contact with our customers not just by phone or email but in person.


Our repeat customers say it all. We must be doing something right. At last check, over 90% of our customers return to do business with us from season to season. Our customer list looks like a “Who’s Who” in the performance apparel business and that makes us proud. More importantly though, we have a good time working with our customers and, we think they do too.