Our History

Founded in 1983, Concept III has played a critical role in helping shape the outdoor performance market. Since our earliest days, we’ve worked alongside brands that have been influential in evolving the industry.


First, let’s go back to the late ‘70s, when entrepreneurs began taking advantage of emerging textile technologies. As a result, small companies soon dominated the outdoor market, all seeking to design and engineer apparel for a more adventurous set, namely climbers, hikers, and skiers. This is also when our founder, David Parkes, began to leave an indelible mark on an emerging market.

Working for Malden Mills, Parkes was instrumental in the launch of PolarFleece in 1981. It was around this time that the young outdoor performance market truly began to boom, and with its sudden growth, new opportunities emerged.

By then, outdoor brands were in constant need of new textiles. So, in 1983, fusing his product development background and marketing acumen, Parkes established Concept III, a company that could expertly source and supply a wide variety of textiles for the world’s leading outdoor brands.

Since we were founded, we’ve gone on to become an industry go-to. That’s because we’ve dedicated ourselves to textile styling, customer service, and product marketing. In addition, our passion for performance textiles and the outdoor industry has made us a leading resource for raw materials. 

Over the years, the industry has expanded and its needs have accelerated, but we’ve always been there. From the beginning, we’ve remained steadfast in our dedication to sourcing the next generation of textiles. After all, that’s how we’ve cemented our place in the industry. But rest assured, we’re always looking ahead.

For years to come, we’ll continue to scour the globe in search of new materials, revolutionary technologies, and innovative processes that move our textile base toward ever-higher environmental compliance. That’s because the same holds true today just as it did when we were founded—we’ll never stop doing what’s right to keep the industry moving forward. 


Some Names to Know Around Here


Chris Parkes

West Coast Sales


Rob Birn

East Coast Sales


Helen Birn



Jennifer Miller

New York Sales & Support

Allison Abbate

Sales Support


Gwen Moore

European Sales Support


Our Values


Trust. Family. Integrity.

At Concept III, they all go hand-in-hand. And we’ve transitioned those close ties to our employees and partners. We believe this is how we’ve fostered the trust and demonstrated the integrity to achieve strong, long-lasting relationships.

Our Vision

We strive to be nothing less than the premier resource for the performance textile industry. And we continue to succeed, as we remain committed to providing the best service for our customers.