Kingwhale to Go Further in Pursuit of Sustainability


Taiwanese performance fabric specialist Kingwhale has again used the Taipei Innovative Textile Application Show (Titas) to emphasize its commitment to a more sustainable way of manufacturing.

As in previous years, the company promoted its Low Impact Technology (LIT), which offers significant savings in electricity, water and energy usage compared to conventional dyeing methods. 

The company told sportstextiles that it was “very committed” to seeking out the next level of sustainability, explaining that its focus is on the “sustainability of processing”. 

It is now preparing to launch an exciting new project with a Japanese partner, which will open the door to full garment recycling. Kingwhale has not yet made detailed information about the project available to the public, but company president James Huang will formally unveil it at the Textile Exchange’s Textile Sustainability Conference, which takes place from October 22-24 in Milan. 

We will carry an in-depth report about the project following Mr Huang’s presentation. It is the fruit of three years of work, which Kingwhale outlined to sportstextiles at Titas 2018. 

tony valtos